Environmental Consultancy Services


The services we offer and can do:

Preparation of Environmental Studies and Reports for the issuance of ECC.

 EIS (Environmental Impact Statement)

 IEER (Initial Environmental Examination)

 EPRMP (Environmental Performance Report and Management Plan)

 IEE Checklist

Preparation of Engineer’s Report as a requirement for the issuance of the ff permits:

 DP (Discharge Permit) PTO (Permit to Operate for APSE) Hazardous Waste Generator I.D.

 Assistance to Pollution Control Officers in preparation of their Quarterly and Semi-Annual Reports submitted to DENR-EMB and LLDA

 Facilitates Proponent/PCO with their Application to Permit to Operate for Internal Combustion, Pressure Vessels, etc. to DOLE

 Intermediate consulting services on matters related to the ECC application, compliance to the conditions listed on the ECC and on applicable environmental laws.

 Orientation sessions for PCO and/or with officers concerned regarding EIA System and other specific regulations.

 Monitor, evaluate, test & analyze wastewater/sewage treatment plant effluent laboratory analysis.

 Air Emission for APSE