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Eden B. Culala, is the steward of governance at Fluid Technologies & Environmental Mgt. Inc. as the Chairman of the Board of Directors & Founder, bringing more than 24 years of industry expertise in steering the firm towards great heights.


Boasting Two Decades Expertise in the Environmental Consulting Space

Environmental Compliance is a comprehensive term encompassing a variety of sustainability goals and requires meeting different legislations for different aspects of the environment. It encompasses a wide range of rules, regulations, and standards enacted by governments and other regulatory bodies to safeguard the environment even while businesses continue to manufacture and expand into new markets. This is to encourage businesses to consider the environmental impact of their operations. It decreases pollution, protects wildlife, and increases green cover, allowing us to leave a greener planet to future generations while pursuing economic progress. As a result, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to employ competent environmental consultancy to ensure that they maintain an appropriate level of compliance with environmental regulations.

Fluid Technologies and Environmental established 24 years ago, is one such renowned player in this space that has evolved into a diversified group of consulting and engineering specialists with diverse competence in pollution control planning, design, and implementation. The firm takes pride in its diverse talent pool that meets the needs of its clients in terms of environmental compliance and sustainability, environmental engineering experts who enable advancements, as well as its extensive network of scientific and research collaborators- a science-based approach to designing pollution control facilities that effectively meet client needs. Its corporate structure is dominated by various technical and engineering trades. Civil, chemical, cost, and sanitary engineers, as well as the environment and sustainability consultants, are critical to the company’s operations and research. Together, the experts form the backbone to which FTEMI attributes its work quality.

“The changing regulatory landscape in terms of water quality is one of the most onerous demands in the environmental engineering market now. As novel pollutants of concern emerge through research, much innovation is required to improve the capabilities of the technologies we create and operate. FTEMI invests a sizable portion of our revenue in research and development (R&D) as the most effective means of keeping abreast with technological demands,” emphasizes John Paul Renzo P. Jucar, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Fluid Technologies & Environmental Mgt. Inc.

Top-notch Services

FTEMI offers an array of environmental consulting and engineering services to meet the needs of a diverse client base in environmental compliance, including Environmental Consulting, Engineering and Design, and Engineering & Construction. To begin, the company’s business operational unit in Environmental Consulting is engaged with the consolidation and creation of numerous environmental reports (e.g., EIA, EIS, etc.) for its clients’ pre- and post-project documentation with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). When it comes to Engineering and Design, a team of dedicated sanitary and chemical engineers is constantly working together to create plans and designs that result in efficient and effective process designs that not only meet but exceed environmental standards at a competitive cost and with advanced features based on the latest science and research. Finally, in the realm of Engineering & Construction, a unit is solely dedicated to the erection of pollution control facility design.

The Path of Success

FTEMI started out simply as a standalone & one-stop-shop environmental consulting firm catering only to consultancy jobs. Through the years, the company has succeeded to be one of the most dynamic and fast-growing environmental consulting firms in the Philippines as it embarked on its journey to integrate construction/implementation of the designed pollution control technologies into its services portfolio. Today, the company is proud to be an archipelagic player in the Philippines since it has had multiple installations spanning the three groups of islands: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. And as it forges ahead to reaching new heights, the firm envisions the water environs in the Philippines served with eco-friendly and practical technologies that are both effective and sustainable in their design and operation. The firm hopes that with sustained growth, it shall be able to champion environmental stewardship in a much wider and denser captured market. Vital to this vision is its unwavering support for professional development, teamwork, and a dedication to Research and Development.

"FTEMI invests a sizable portion of our revenue in research & development (R&D) as the most effective means of keeping abreast of technological demands

“We are a preferred enterprise that shall effectively provide essential technical services to the Philippine industries in support of the environmental objective of the country. Our mission is aligned with our commitment to satisfying our customers by providing them superior quality products at a competitive cost and consistently reliable customer service that is based on trust, sincerity, and cooperation. We strive in pursuit of excellence in everything we do, adhering consistently to the principles we uphold; moral integrity, the highest standard of professionalism, customer care, and teamwork. We dedicate ourselves to looking after the welfare of our employees by providing them opportunities and developing them to become highly competent individuals who take pride in their work. We will conduct our business in a manner that fulfills our corporate responsibility to GOD, country, society, and the environment,” concludes Eden B. Culala, Chairman of the Board of Directors & Founder of Fluid Technologies & Environmental Mgt. Inc.

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