Fluid Technologies and Environmental Management, Inc., from Philippines, winner of the The Bizz Business Excellence Award last July 26, 2018.

THE BIZZ is considered the most important business award in the world and is given out by WORLDCOB to the most outstanding companies and business people in each country.

This award was created in order to recognize business excellence and is aimed at small, medium and large enterprises because we know that all companies seek to guarantee quality for constant development at their own scale.
Each year, WORLDCOB organizes THE BIZZ business awards ceremony, which brings together the leading companies from different countries to celebrate this recognition and offer a series of benefits to the winners, who become ELITE MEMBERS, taking part in activities that will help them to foster new commercial relationships.

Fluid Technologies & Environmental Management Inc. was chosen for consistently achieving Business Excellence, Leadership, Quality of Products & Services, Management Systems, Innovation & Creativity, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Results Achieved for the year 2018.

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