About Us

With more than 15 years in the industry, FTEMI is an enterprise that regards environment, health and safety equally vital and integral part of our customer business


         FTEMI has skilled workers, competent engineers and technical personnel that work as an environmental service provider.

•         FTEMI offers to our customers various water, sewage & wastewater treatment process technologies.

         FTEMI adds value engineering to our products and services.

         FTEMI provides excellent after sales services to our clients.

         In FTEMI we do things ENVIRONMENTALLY right!

Our Vision

We are a preferred enterprise that shall effectively provide essential technical services to the Philippine Industries in support to the environmental objectives of the country


Our Mission

We are committed to satisfying our Customers by providing them superior quality products at competitive cost, and consistently reliable customer service that are based on trust, sincerity and cooperation.

We will strive in pursuit of excellence in everything we do adhering consistently to the principles we uphold moral integrity, highest standard of professionalism, customer care and teamwork.

We dedicate ourselves to looking after the welfare of our employees by providing opportunities and develop them to become highly competent individuals who take pride in its work.

We will conduct our business in a manner fulfills our corporate responsibility to God, country, society and the environment.